Every student deserves an opportunity to succeed.

That success includes matriculation in college. However, some young adults struggle with mental health challenges, making higher education much more difficult.

Promoting the success of organizations and professionals who provide programs to facilitate the personal development and psychological well-being of college students in areas that are essential to academic and personal success, is the mission of the Stephan D. Weiss Foundation.  The Foundation advances various opportunities for “at-risk” college students to ensure that they succeed in school and go on to pursue productive lives. The Foundation aims to support the optimal adjustment in college students through promoting:

  • Educational programs supporting student retention
  • Social and cultural programs that build self-confidence and awareness of life’s opportunities
  • Personal growth programs to encourage productive adulthood

This website is intended to familiarize you as a:

Prospective Donor with a unique opportunity to participate in a mission for which your donation will benefit college students in the course of their maximizing their future potential. Donate

Prospective Program Provider with our financial program and research support opportunities.

College Studentsthe beneficiary of the Foundation’s mission, with the reassurance that you matter to us, the Foundation, your friends, your family, and your community.